Do Something
That Makes The World A Better Place

The story behind Magazineless is a simple one. 

What products do I want on my shelf?

I had been retired for three years and slowly started to realize I wasn’t done working.
I asked my young daughter how she felt about me going back to work.

“Whatever you decide to do it should be something that makes the world a better place.”

Such a simple idea from a ten year old.

So started my journey into developing an eco-friendly, carbon footprint conscious, one-stop shop in Chilliwack
where you can purchase household products you’ll feel good about using.

I read articles, product reviews, ingredient lists, contacting suppliers, and spent six months in full research mode
before opening our doors in 2008.    


Products You Need, Where You Are

Now 15 years later Magazineless carries products for your house, your body, your baby, and your wardrobe.

During my research, I discovered many of the products I wanted on my shelves at home were only available in Vancouver or other large centres. So the process of buying eco-friendly was undercut by using fuel to get to them. You couldn’t buy eco-friendly and local.

That’s why we’re where you are — conveniently located in Chilliwack, with parking!


Curated Inventory

We’ve only grown since opening the doors, allowing us to carry more of the products that pass our rigorous testing. Every product on the shelf has gone through the same research process as 8 years ago. We don’t carry anything we haven’t tested ourselves — we won’t sell you a deodorant that doesn’t work!

Magazineless is, and always will be, dedicated to bringing you the best products for yourself, your family, the community, and the environment. We’re trying to make the world a better place, one organic, ethically-produced, and locally sourced product at a time.